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Under Hawk’s Wings (Chopped & Screwed)

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-Official Screwed Version Available for the first time.
Available for Downloading Only
(CD version currently unavailable.)
Release Date: 03/09/2005

Download any three tracks for $2.67 or the whole album for $7.99
01Down N H-Town Remix H.A.W.K.Lil’ KekeBig PokeyMike D$1.29Buy Song
02H.A.W.K. H.A.W.K.Shonda Skyy$1.29Buy Song
03Heart Of A Hustler H.A.W.K.GodfatherChris Ward$1.29Buy Song
04Hater Luv It (When Your Down) H.A.W.K.Big PokeyBig MoeMike DBreeze$1.29Buy Song
05Do You Luv It H.A.W.K.Will LeanD-Gotti$1.29Buy Song
06Roll Up A Blunt H.A.W.K.Big MoeKendra Brown$1.29Buy Song
07Only Time Will Tale H.A.W.K.Lil’ OChris WardMike D$1.29Buy Song
08Somebody Say Oh Yea H.A.W.K.DJ ScrewE.S.G.Lil’ KekeC-Note$1.29Buy Song
09Million Dollar Block H.A.W.K.D.E.A.Fat PatMike DKay-KLil’ Keke$1.29Buy Song
10I Can Make You Dance H.A.W.K.Lil’ OD-Gotti$1.29Buy Song
11Chedder H.A.W.K.Big SteveMr. 3-2$1.29Buy Song
12That’s Me H.A.W.K.Big PokeyMr. 3-2Clay Doe$1.29Buy Song
13Under H.A.W.K.’s Wings H.A.W.K.Dead End B.G.$1.29Buy Song